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May 13, 2019 Wood Fence

Wood Privacy Fence Ideas

Wood privacy fence vary in design and function. The fence could be set up for purely aesthetic or more practical reasons. Integrity fencing is usually set for the latter, although the two reasons that do not necessarily contradict each other. Considering that wood can be painted over, even thick privacy fences may seem insignificant. From several styles of wooden fencing, the palisade style and the tall fence seem to offer the most privacy.

Cedar Privacy Fence

Cedar Privacy Fence


12 Inspiration Gallery from Wood Privacy Fence Ideas

Image of: Traditional Privacy Fence
Image of: Solid Privacy Fence
Image of: Simple Wood Fence
Image of: Review Wood Fence
Image of: Picture Wood Fence
Image of: Ornament Wood Fence
Image of: Original Privacy Fence
Image of: Materials Privacy Fence
Image of: Design Wood Fence
Image of: Custom Privacy Fence
Image of: Corner Wood Fence
Image of: Cedar Privacy Fence

Determine the outlines of your home. Take a wooden pile and some strings. Run the insert into the ground at the starting point of the future wood fence. Tie the string around the insert and go to the end point of the fence. This will be your guide string. Run another wooden pile in the ground. Collect the poles in one place and place them on the ground. Although the distance between the poles is determined by the type of fence, it is usually 6 to 8 inches. Mark places for other posts, drive stakes in the ground and lay poles next to them.

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Take a hand-held screw and dig holes for the privacy fence posts. You can also use a post whole digger to make the holes. Pour gravel and dirt into the hole, to support the post. Make sure the post is straight with the help of a level. Build a concrete hill around the bottom of the insert to hold it firmly and to absorb moisture. Allow posts to settle in concrete for a few days. Take a drill and secure the upper and lower rail on the posts with screws. Position the bottom rail slightly from the ground level.

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