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May 16, 2019 Wood Fence

Wood Fence Stain Project To Prevent Termites

Wood fence stain – Termite infestation occurs throughout the United States, but it is far more dominant in the southern part of the country. Termites access wood from ground level and use termite pipes made of mud to cross distances over non-three articles such as concrete, steel and brick. This means that in order to completely avoid termite infestation on the fence the entire fence, from insert to slats, must be painted or stained to protect against termites.

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Brush or spray on a borate-based wood preservative before wood fence stain colors is doing. This is a known termite repellent. It comes as a powder to be mixed with water or an already mixed liquid ready to be used. Extra protection fill the hole post with a borate-based solution before inserting the post. Both the surrounding soil and the three posts will absorb the solution to prevent termites from gaining access to the fence.

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If you build your own fence instead of paint or spray or roll fence stain an already existing fence and you live in a known termite habitat, construct the fence with termite-proof wood. Used woods include redwood and yellow cedar; some exotic types, such as Laotion Teak and Tallowwood, may also be available. If these are available or not fit the budget, use a press-treated wood. Usually available in hardware stores or timber depots.

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