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May 20, 2019 Wood Fence

Tips to Building Cedar Wood Fence

Over the years, your home wood fence can rot, crack or discolor. When the appearance and usability of your fence gets worse, you can pay a contractor to build a new cedar wood fence. You can save some money by building the new fence itself. Make sure to use 8-foot high fence pressure-impregnated wood to withstand moisture and last longer than a non-treated wood fence. Resist moisture is especially important if you live in an area that receives heavy rain or heavy snow in the winter.

Cool Wood Fence

Cool Wood Fence


12 Inspiration Gallery from Tips to Building Cedar Wood Fence

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Image of: Cool Wood Fence

Go along the line where you will install new wood fences. Run a pile in the ground at 6 to 8 foot intervals to mark your post hole. The distance between each post depends on the weight of the wood you will use and your local weather. Using a post whole digger will make the process easier, especially if the soil is dry and hard. Pour several inches of gravel or small stones into each post hole. This will allow water to drain so that the bottom of the insert does not rot.

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Insert a fence post into the hole at one end of the cedar fence. Fill the hole with quick-dry cement to keep it in place. Use a level to make sure your posts are straight up and down. This will give you two attachment points to use when installing the rest of the posts. Attach a string or piece of yarn to each end post. Mount the staging points at this line. These discs will be the best rails new fences. Place the rails on top of the fence posts and drive the nails in the two end stations and the pole in the middle of each rail.

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