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June 22, 2019 Wood Stove

Optimizing the Heat of Small Cast Iron Wood Stove

Small Cast Iron Wood Stove – Cast iron and wood go support in hand when it gets to warming. Wood is an easy burning and renewable source of energy, while molten iron retains heat longer than other metals and creates a more uniform source of heat. Take care of the stove, use the right kind of wood to get the best heat, and make sure you have some kind of fan to move the warm air from the hot stove to the colder areas in your house. Of course, follow all safety precautions when installing the stove, making sure that the stovepipe is installed in accordance with local fire codes. With a small cast-iron stove and well-cured wood, you can get an incredible amount of heat.

Wood Stove Insert

Wood Stove Insert

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Light the fire with dry paper, dry wood and with open drafts to allow plenty of air for the fire. Light the paper at the bottom of the firewood at several points. Close the air currents partially to slow down the amount of air, and add a few pieces of split and experienced wood, stacking them so that the flames can flow around them. Open the gate project in the pipe each time before opening the main door. Remove the ashes every week if you are using the stove daily, being careful with the ash, as there will most likely be still embers buried. Use a fan to circulate the air gently around the stove, without interrupting the project for the wood stove.

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