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May 14, 2019 Wood Fence

Installing Wood Privacy Fence Panels

Wood privacy fence panels are simple three-step process that requires no special tools or advanced carpentry skills. The hinges are attached while the door is conveniently laid on a horizontal surface. The gate is located and held in place while screwing the hinges to the gate post. Because of most integrity fence gates it big size and weight, you may need to hire a helper for this project. Installing your gate only takes a few hours.

Cedar Fence Pickets Gates

Cedar Fence Pickets Gates


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Place the door on a flat surface wood privacy fence, raise the side up. Mark one side of the gate as the hinge side and the other as the barrier side. Position two hinges on the gate over the upper and lower horizontal rails. Measure to find the center of the space between the rails and mark with a pencil. Place the center hinge on the mark. The swing ends of the hinge straps should be flush with the sides of the door. Mark the location of the screw holes in the hinge bands on the door. Remove the hinges. Drill a test hole through each screw whole mark.

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Replace the hinges on the door; align the screw holes with the guide holes. Attach the hinges to the door by installing a screw in each screw whole and tightening with a drill and driver bit. Place two to four inches of scrap wood on the ground between privacy fence panel’s posts. The hinge side of the gate must be level with the gate post. Place a carpenter’s level on the upper rail of the gate. Raise or lower the side of the gate until the rail is level. Put shims between gate and gate posts to keep it in place.

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