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June 18, 2019 Wood Stove

Installing Harman Wood Stove

Home heating and water heating industry has changed dramatically in recent decades. From the advent of oil burning to current green technology crazy, homeowners are never short of options. Harman outdoor oven is a Harman wood stove that connects to your existing channel or hedonic system to heat your home and hot water. It is wood powered, but is located a few meters from your home to prevent smoke, ash, and wood from coming indoors.

Absolute Harman Wood Stove

Absolute Harman Wood Stove


12 Inspiration Gallery from Installing Harman Wood Stove

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Location and location

Determine a location for your heater. It is recommended that Hardy be at least 10 meters from your home, but not more than 100 meters. Place or pour a concrete slab. The plate should be at least 48 inches by 48 inches. Place the Harman wood stove on the concrete slab and be sure to line up the back of the water tank with the rear edge of the concrete. This will allow the insulated electrical and water pipe to run straight from the unit into the ground. Remove outside the door. Lift the outside cover from the water tank on all four corners. This will provide easy access to plumbing and electrical connections.

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Hole and Grate

Remove the hull by unscrewing the single screw that holds the rear door panel in place. Lift up the door handle and remove the door. Use the 5/16-inch wrench to remove the eight screws below the rear door (four on each side). When the door is removed, you can access the plumbing and electrical connections. Open the wood stove and remove all contents except for two I-beams and three metal grilles. Place I beams on the edge (so the I beams are higher than wide) and place them against the tabs on either side of the unit. Place grilles on top of I-beams side-to-side, so that the slats in grids are perpendicular to the I-beams.

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