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How to Use Flue in Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

A fire on a cold night keeps the porch warm and cozy. Without knowledge of how to handle the damper on the chimney, but you can end up with a house full of smoke. Or if the damper in the flue is open when there is no fire, you can waste energy and increase your electricity bill. Fortunately, the outdoor wood burning stove works the smoke throttle takes some skill.

Amazing Wood Furnace

Amazing Wood Furnace


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Locate the flue lever before a fire. Some outdoor burning stove has a lever, while others will have pulley systems consisting of two chains with rings at the end. They are usually found on the front of the upper part of the fireplace. If not, you have to poke your head in the fireplace and look up. Determine the position of the flue gas damper. If you are not sure which position in the chain or lever indicates open or closed, you do not need to look in the fireplace. Put your head in and look up.

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If you can see the sky, the smoke damper is open. If it is dark outside or if you are unsure, you can reach your hand up to know the flue. Open the flue gas damper for a fire. When you want to build a fire, open the smoke damper first by pulling the chain or moving the lever. When the flue is open, place logs, ignition wood and paper in the wood burning stove and set fire. Close the smoke throttle when there is no fire. When you are the fire is off or during seasons you do not have fires, keep the flue gas damper closed to prevent heat or cold loss. It will help you save energy.

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