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Good Ideas to Use Indoor Wood Stove

Indoor wood stove are good for the environment. Many years of development have made the stoves extremely efficient. Therefore, virtually all the energy in the wood is utilized, and it is only pollution-free water vapor that comes out of the chimney. Unlike the smoke from oil, gas or coal, the smoke from stoves is CO2 neutral. Burning wood is a natural thing, and it releases the same amount of CO2 as if the tree lay in the forest floor.

Best Indoor Wood Stove

Best Indoor Wood Stove

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When you get a wood burning stove in the house, you not only get a new, nice piece of furniture. You also get a meeting point. The stove becomes the whole family’s heat source. Large and small can jointly split the wood, carry the wood basket in and put wood in the oven. And everyone can see and feel the result of the joint work.

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Find the right size wood stove so that you use the oven best and get the most out of it. Do not buy the stove too large, as the heat may become too strong. The stove’s performance is stated in kilowatts (kW). As a thumb finger rule, one kW heat can rise 10-20 square meters, depending on how well the home is isolated. This means that a stove with a nominal power of 6 kW can heat a living area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 60 square meters if the house is poorly insulated and 120 square meters if the house is well insulated.

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