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January 22, 2019 Wood Fence

Easy Install Diy Wood Grain Vinyl Fence

Wood grain vinyl fence are one of the least challenging fences to build. They are generally no higher than four feet, which means you probably do not need a permit. However, you must know where your property lines are if you do not want to experience problems, maybe years later. You can buy pre-made pickets, but if you want to save on material, cut your own material from redwood or cedar with a table saw before you start, so that they are ready when you need them.

Black Fencing Panels Vinyl

Black Fencing Panels Vinyl

Mark the corners of the fence and measure the circumference with a measuring tape to calculate your materials. Dig postholes for the corner posts, using a posthole digger. They must be deep enough to sink a third of the post underground. Place the bottom rail between the posts so that both ends are at the same distance from the ground and secure them with 3-inch weatherproof screws by pushing both edges into the posts.

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Image of: Decorative Vinyl Fence Color
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Image of: Black Fencing Panels Vinyl

Adjust the upper rail so that the ends are at equal distances from the bottom rail. With this method, the rails follow the contours of the ground and are not necessarily horizontal. Hang the gate by screwing hinges forward and supporting the gate on blocks while attaching the hinges to the gate. Install a latch on the other side of the gate.

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