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Different Of Vinyl Vs Wood Fence

When installing a vinyl vs wood fence, usually the last thing you need to do is install the gate. While some high wooden gates are built to prevent access to or departure from a casing, most are simply ways to get through a fence without leaving a gaping hole. Whether your wooden fence gate is lavishly decorated or just nailed together boards, installing it is done pretty much the same way.

Best Vinyl vs Wood Fence

Best Vinyl vs Wood Fence


12 Inspiration Gallery from Different Of Vinyl Vs Wood Fence

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Image of: Wood Fence Gate
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Image of: Vinyl Fence Life Expectancy
Image of: Strongest Vinyl Fence and Wood
Image of: Long Vinyl vs Wood Fence
Image of: Best Vinyl vs Wood Fence

Place the door on the ground with the side that will swing inwards upwards. Open the hinge and place the 8-inch blade on one of the horizontal vinyl vs wood fence gate beams. Make sure the hinge itself pushes away forming the door and is at least 1/8 inch from the end of the gate. If your gate does not have horizontal beams, use butterfly hinges instead. Drill small pilot holes in the door through the screw holes on the hinge. Use your screwdriver to install the hinge with 1-inch screws. Do the same for the second hinge on the second horizontal beam and a third if the fence is 6 feet tall.

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Place vinyl vs wood fence spacers on the ground where the gate will go. Use 1 or 2-inch spacers depending on how high your port must be from the ground. Place the door on the spacers so that the small hinged blades are against the wood and the hinges are between the gate and the post… Drill holes through the holes on the small hinged blades and screw in one-inch screws. When all the screws are in, remove the spacers and make sure the gate turns freely.

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