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May 8, 2019 Wood Flooring

Decorating Ideas with Wood Floor Mirror

Wood Floor Mirror – Mirrored walls often get a bad reputation for having an outdated or sticky look. However, floor to ceiling mirrors can create really attractive if used in the right way. Their ability to reflect light allows them to brighten any room, making them ideal for spaces that lack natural light. Use the floor to the large mirrors in several different ways, depending on your needs and preferences, but if you are concerned about giving your home an obsolete look, limit its use to just one room.

White Floor Mirror

White Floor Mirror

If you have a small bedroom, the mirrors are an ideal decoration because they reflect the light and help make the room look bigger than it really is. Using floor to ceiling mirrors amplifies the effect of providing a wide, open feel for your bedroom. Choose a wall in your bedroom to serve as a mirrored accent wall. A wall in front of the windows is an effective option since it will receive more light for the mirror to reflect.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Decorating Ideas with Wood Floor Mirror

Image of: Standing Mirror
Image of: Standing Floor Mirror
Image of: Large Mirror
Image of: Gold Floor Mirror
Image of: Full Length Mirror
Image of: Full Length Floor Mirror
Image of: Floor Mirror With Lights
Image of: Floor Mirror Target
Image of: Extra Large Floor Mirror
Image of: Distressed Wood Mirror
Image of: Antique Floor Mirror
Image of: White Floor Mirror
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While the ability of a mirror to reflect light can help to enlarge a room, it also helps to soften the light and creates a warm and welcoming glow. This effect is particularly attractive in a dining room where soft, mood lighting is appropriate for dinners and special events. To create a dining room with a cozy atmosphere, paint the walls in a warm and rich color like wine, mold or gold. Use mirrored tiles to cover one of the walls from the floor to the ceiling and hang a decorative lamp in the center of the room. The mirrored wall that reflects the light to soften even more, so your dining room has the mood lighting ideal for dinners.

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