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April 28, 2019 Wood Stove

A Relaxing Sauna Wood Stove

Do you dream of creating a relaxing corner at home? What if you install a sauna wood stove? While the Scandinavian populations use it enormously, the sauna remains rather little used with us for private use. But owning one is not a luxury reserved for big houses. You too can create a 100% relaxing corner with the sauna kit for example if you are handyman.

Cabin Sauna Wood Stove

Cabin Sauna Wood Stove

What is the sauna? It is a dry heat bath that is practiced in a wooden room heated by a stove traditionally surmounted by lava stones. There is between 3 and 20% moisture depending on use. It is generally between 79 and 90 ° C but the temperature can go up to 100 ° C for the more seasoned.

12 Inspiration Gallery from A Relaxing Sauna Wood Stove

Image of: Sauna Wood Stove Size
Image of: Sauna Wood Stove Project
Image of: Sauna Wood Stove Outdoor
Image of: Sauna Wood Stove Ideas
Image of: Sauna Wood Stove Heater
Image of: Sauna Wood Burning Sauna
Image of: Sauna Heating Stove
Image of: Safe Sauna Wood Stove
Image of: Mobile Wood Stove
Image of: Inside Sauna Wood Stove
Image of: Cabin Sauna
Image of: Cabin Sauna Wood Stove
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The body subjected to this dry heat quickly starts sweating profusely. The sauna is always built at least partly of wood, in a perfumed essence, soft to the touch and robust. The word “sauna” is a Finnish word and it is a bit of the national emblem of the country. This practice is part of everyday life in Finland to the point that there are said to be enough saunas to house all the inhabitants. Check our gallery to inspire you!

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